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Rethinking excluded pandemic (and other) risks

It’s times like these with a global pandemic when we are reminded- insurance as a concept is simply not that complicated.  We make it so, with regulation, complex policy language, limited access to the products, seemingly endless variety of lines, mystique about its function, a vernacular that challenges even the legal world, etc. Why this matters is that most cultures/countries/economies are ill-suited…

Fearing a Stagnating Cyber Ecosystem, Elron’s VP of Cyber Evaluate Israel’s Next Steps

As Israel’s cyber ecosystem continues into a new decade, it is facing a 33% decline in new startups alongside the increased global competition. “Nothing runs on its own without energy. We must fuel innovation, boldness, and ingenuity,” said Zohar Rozenberg, VP of Cyber Investments at Elron

Zohar Rozenberg, VP of Cyber Investments at Elron & RDC, spoke to Israel’s cyber startups, investors, and ecosystem drivers the last week at Cybertech Tel Aviv, one of the world’s largest cybersecurity conferences. As a leading player in Israel’s cybersecurity field for decades, Zohar has helped shape IDF cyber policy and guided some of today’s most promising startups to impressive exits, grabbing the attention of global technology giants.

The reality of a vibrant cyber ecosystem in Israel has taken decades of investment, planning, and a culture of rewarding bold innovation. This joint private and public venture of creating the world’s leading cyber hub has paid incredible dividends that are felt beyond the cyber-ecosystem. These same benefits that have brought international prestige and investment are beginning to show troubling signs of slowing down. Corporates competing over talent with entrepreneurial capabilities and decreasing incentives to innovate are dangerous for Israel’s relatively young ecosystem. “Markets saturate, power consolidates, and competition grows stronger,” said Zohar Rozenberg. “Nothing runs on its own without energy. We must tirelessly fuel innovation, boldness, and ingenuity without letting our guard down.”

While 2016 welcomed 60 new startups, 2019 brought only 40, a staggering 33% drop. Despite a robust local ecosystem, along with the presence of the critical mass needed to support it, Israel is in danger of losing the innovative edge that has made it a model of success. As more companies try to build on existing markets, investors have begun to favor rapid revenues over significant innovations.

The presence of global tech giants helps innovative entrepreneurs better understand corporates’ needs and how to build enterprise-grade solutions. Their development around Tel Aviv and the center is yet another pillar of the local cyber ecosystem. Talented individuals,  graduating from the IDF’s coveted 8200 unit, which has proven to be trained, capable, and market-ready, can choose whether to take the path of founders or joining a global corporate. It is in the interest of companies big and small to welcome their bold ideas, encouraging them to tackle tomorrow’s cyber challenges.

Tomorrow’s ingenious solutions are being concocted today. Fintech, Insurtech, automotive, and manufacturing are evolving, bringing with them new cybersecurity challenges. Israel has the talent, infrastructure, and global investment needed to usher in a new era of Israeli technological leadership. We must also focus on keeping the critical mass high, encouraging new businesses to form and feed the ecosystem that has become a beacon of innovation.

Insurance Companies Tap Modern Technology to Usher in an Era of Personalized Policies

  Relying on technologies that deliver real-time data, insurance companies are tapping new revenue streams, even where there is no historical data. Devices are allowing for more accurate policies and competitive prices for traditional as well as emerging use cases. Bringing new life and revenue opportunities into the insurance industry, the integration of new technologies is allowing insurance companies to serve more…

HealthTech – Five Trends to Watch in 2020

1. Bridging Care with Technology: While common diseases occur commonly, we are all unique individuals. The explosion of wearable technology for health tracking and innovations will continue into this new decade, that improve health outcomes. At Care Bridge International, we scale or “bridge” care with technology to forecast medical exposure for claims. Our data analytics approach delivers lower overall claim costs and…

Infinity Life Tech: The First Insurtech Focused on Emotional Well-Being in Latin America

Former audit company manager creates the first InsurTech focused onconsumers’ emotional well-being. Fernando Laurito Giuliano, former executive of major consulting and auditing companies, created Infinity Life Tech, a technology innovation firm applied to the insured sector. Today, next to launch its first mobile application, the company seeks to attract new consumers to this segment with products and services that provide emotional well-being.…

Using BIG Data and Predictive Modeling to forecast Medical Care

Is it possible to forecast medical treatment and costs using big data and predictive models? How does a big data approach compare to conventional methods? The foundation for these questions was the beginning of a 10-year journey, a quest to validate existing methods and determine if a better solution might exist to answer the problem of forecasting medical care for care coordination…