An absolutely outstanding lineup of new cohorts coming entering the Global Insurance Accelerator program in 2019:

  • BriteBee enables consumers to shop for trusted insurance agents in an online marketplace.
  • Cowbell simplifies and expedites the process of obtaining accurate cyber insurance coverage for
    businesses by mapping insurable threats to the type of exposures.
  • ebbie specializes in e-application development and underwriting automation for life and health
    insurance companies.
  • everyday life makes purchasing the right life insurance policy easier using artificial intelligence (AI) to
    provide high-quality advisor services and personalized recommendations.
  • Friendly digitizes and structures documents and notes to enable automation of time-consuming,
    mundane tasks, such as data entry, document indexing, and adjudication for simple products.
  • Liscena automates the decisions and interactions between policyholders and insurance companies
    with AI-powered claims adjusters.
  • Micruity supports entities looking to synergize employee benefits with human resources (HR) strategy
    by enabling the addition of financial-focused insurance products, such as deferred annuities, to the
    company pension plan.
  • Predictive Health Partners leverages real-time predictive analytics that is personalized and
    conveniently delivered thru a mobile app to help employees be better consumers and managers of
    health care.
  • Prosper eDNA increases accuracy and planning for insurance companies working in life, long-term
    care and annuities by making accurate lifespan predictions, and enabling personalized epigenetic (not
    genetic) monitoring.
  • The Sentence Data Refinery assists insurance companies by reading and interpreting sentence data
    related to events and activities in claim and underwriting files with speed and accuracy.

Can’t wait to see what they do throughout 2019 and look forward to seeing the results later this year!