The employee – owned, independent insurance brokerage charts bold new path

Holmes Murphy announced today the company is evolving its brand as the national insurance brokerage introduces a dynamic client and employee – centric campaign, fitting to the needs of an industry in constant motion.

The refresh reflects Holmes Murphy’s philosophy that insurance services should adapt to the ever – changing world. “From the moment our leadership teams began discussing where we wanted to take Holmes Murphy next, we knew we needed a brand that could care for and evolve to the environment around us,” said Dan Keough, Holmes Murphy Chairman and CEO. “We also know how important it is to show the hearts and minds of our people, as they are truly the engine behind creating excepti onal experiences for our clients. This new brand helps us deliver `on both.”

The refresh also further showcases Holmes Murphy’s commitment to being an evolving leader within the insurance industry. While Holmes Murphy’s previous look helped the company sta nd out in the sea of “insurance blue,” leaders felt it was time for the brand to grow to be more illustrative of its greatest asset and its clients’ greatest advocates — Holmes Murphy employees.

Susan Hatten, Holmes Murphy Chief Marketing Officer, added, “With this brand refresh, we really wanted to place a spotlight on the care and energy our employees offer each other and our clients. The updated creative is meant to illustrate how they live out their purpose and lend their unique talents to make us eve n greater business partners with our clients.”

In this new path forward, you’ll see Holmes Murphy’s employees at the forefront, exhibiting the company is fully invested in its people, clients, and community — showcasing the care behind the work and what is unique to the individuals making the company thrive.

“Everything we do at Holmes Murphy, we do ‘fully’…whether that’s caring fully, understanding fully, innovating fully, or cele brating fully. Our intent is to always be ‘all in’ or ‘fully’ invested i n every aspect of our company and for our employees and clients,” said Keough.

As Holmes Murphy continues to grow, it is proud to establish a new brand helping to position the company into continued perpetuation of independent growth and leadership, base d on the traditions and qualities for which the organization was founded upon nearly 90 years ago. Holmes Murphy will celebrate its 90 – year anniversary as an independently held brokerage in 2022.

Source: Holmes Murphy