Patrick G. Schmid, PhD is the Vice President of The Institutes’ RiskStream Collaborative—a risk
management and insurance blockchain consortium. He oversees RiskStream’s products, relationship
management, operations and technology departments. Dr. Schmid also offers blockchain thought
leadership for The Institutes and coordinates the RiskStream’s consortium of insurers, brokers and
reinsurers. He collaborates with industry participants and technical partners in developing productionready applications that can lower costs, improve the customer experience and drive efficiency across
the insurance industry. Patrick was the 2018 recipient of the International Insurance Society’s Leaders of
Tomorrow award.

Dr. Schmid formerly served as the head of The Institutes’ Enterprise Research department, where he led
a teams of data scientists and researchers in developing analytical solutions and market insights. He has
also served as the Director of Research for the Insurance Research Council (IRC), a division of The
Institutes. In this role, he led efforts to study public policy-related insurance issues. He has a MA and a
PhD in economics from Temple University. He has taught economics and finance at a number of
Philadelphia-area colleges and universities. Prior to working in the insurance industry, he worked as an
economist for Moody’s Analytics.

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