Former audit company manager creates the first InsurTech focused on
consumers’ emotional well-being. Fernando Laurito Giuliano, former executive of major consulting and auditing companies, created Infinity Life Tech, a technology innovation firm applied to the insured sector. Today, next to launch its first mobile application, the company seeks to attract new consumers to this segment with products and services that provide emotional well-being.

The commitment of people and companies to perform actions in favor of emotional well-being is a trend that is increasing. And this is exactly the purpose of Infinity Life Tech, an insurance innovation firm. The company was founded at the beginning of 2019, by the former executive of important consulting and auditing firms, Fernando Laurito Giuliano. Now
it is ready to launch a mobile application that allows users to save and relive moments, emotions, places and documents related to each experience of their lives.

The App, which has the name Infinity Life, allows users to register their experiences, assigning the emotion they felt at that time (love, joy, anger, fear, among others). The platform delivers reports of the positive moments that the consumer has experienced and recommends actions to increase their well-being. These actions can be organized by other users of the application, by companies or partner institutions, interested in
contributing to society.

In addition, Infinity Life App can monitor physical activity, sleep quality and, through geolocation, recommend actions in places where the user is, without the need for additional devices such as smartwatch or smartband.

“The mobile application offers users a weekly report that shows what emotions were experienced and how it has improved or worsened compared to last week. In this way, the users can see if this week they lived more experiences associated with joy, happiness or sadness. Also Infinity Life App tell them what to do next week to improve”, explains
Fernando Laurito Giuliano, founder and CEO of the company.

Unlike other applications, Infinity Life App monitors the state of happiness of users in real time and recommends actions, without invasive advertising. Another difference with traditional social networks is the ownership of information. All the information that users post in Infinity Life App is their property. And it is also protected, using the safest and
most reliable technologies on the market.

“Infinity Life App articulates three types of participants. The Infiniters, consumers who are part of the community of experiences. They can download the application, interact and access all its benefits. The second important role are the partners, companies and institutions that participate for some social cause of interest. The third participant is an
insurance company. Now, we are moving forward in different conversations for the incorporation of a strategic partner, with which we achieve a long-term alliance sharing the purpose and spirit of Infinity Life”, said the executive.

In addition to Fernando Laurito Giuliano, the company has two more partners. The Chief Product & Data Officer, Leopoldo Scanavino, who has more than 11 years of experience in digital, architecture and data areas and had led projects in Argentina, USA and Europe. On the other hand, the doctor in psychology Juliana Laurito, who occupies the position of Chief
Behavorial Officer and is responsible for the scientific development behind the application, which is based on positive psychology.

Currently, the Infinity Life Tech firm, which is based in Chile and Argentina, is in conversations with several multi-Latin and European firms, as well as some investment funds. At the same time, the company prepare a pre opening trying period with the insurance company of the region. Therefore, the application is projected to be in the general market in the next two months.

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