Elron Appoints Yaron Elad as CEO, Focusing on Cybersecurity and Enterprise Software while maturing the value of its MedTech portfolio

Yaron Elad, who served as Elron’s CFO for the last decade and was instrumental in leading Elron’s shift to software investments over the past few years, was appointed CEO. Chairman of the Board, Eduardo Elsztain said, “Yaron’s appointment is a commitment to Elron’s vision as we strongly believe in the Elron team’s ability to create value for its shareholders.”

Elron has appointed Yaron Elad as its new CEO effective as of today. Yaron’s vast experience in technology investment, strategic deals, fundraising, and M&A’s spans the course of his career, providing Elron with a unique vantage point of Israel’s high-tech scene.

In recent years, Elron increasingly shifted its focus to emerging cybersecurity and enterprise software technologies, recognizing a fast-growing market with many international strategic players, which as part of their growth strategy, are in search of acquisition opportunities. Under Yaron’s leadership, Elron is positioned to shift toward new investments in innovative industries that are poised at the forefront of today’s market needs.

“I’d like to thank our board of directors for their vote of confidence, and our chairman, Eduardo Elsztain in particular, who championed Elron’s strategy of entering the cybersecurity space from the beginning. I’m excited about the opportunity to lead Elron’s investments with our team of professionals, and first and foremost, Zohar Rozenberg, VP of Cyber Investments, who collectively possess extensive knowledge in cybersecurity, enterprise software, MedTech, and early-stage investing. This is in addition to the importance of leveraging our unique strategic partnership with Rafael, through RDC (Elron and Rafael’s joint venture) to analyze, identify, and sharpen cybersecurity technologies expertly,” said Yaron. “The entire Elron and RDC team is committed to Elron’s deep-rooted vision of creating the best habitat for the most talented entrepreneurs Israel has to offer.”

Chairman of the Board, Eduardo Elsztain said, “I am grateful for the chance I have had to work closely with the outgoing CEO, Ari Bronshtein, and thank him for leading Elron for the last decade. I am convinced Yaron is bringing the right approach and passion to lead Elron’s business into this new decade. His appointment is a commitment to Elron’s vision as we strongly believe in the Elron team’s ability to create value for its shareholders”.

Bronshtein worked together with Yaron over the last few years to bolster Elron’s portfolio and lay the groundwork for years to come by focusing on cybersecurity and enterprise software investments, while leading our medical device companies to maturation. As he passes the torch to Yaron Elad, his legacy of investing in innovative companies, such as BrainsGate and CartiHeal, illuminates Elron as one of Israel’s leading investment firms. Just recently, two of Elron’s portfolio companies, Open Legacy and Sixgill, raised a combined $35 million from strategic investors.

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