MoneyNetint Forms Strategic Partnership with TerraPay

New Alliance Expands MoneyNetint Payment Corridors into Asia and Africa

LONDON, England – Jan 27, 2020 – MoneyNetint, a leading global payment solution provider, announced a strategic partnership agreement with TerraPay, a mobile-first international payment network, which will expand and enhance MoneyNetint’s reach into Asia and Africa.

The expanded services will allow peer-to-peer transactions to transfer funds to a number of key countries, including India, Philippines, Ghana, Nigeria, and Sri Lanka, at competitive rates.

The partnership, which is leveraging to move money across borders, will provide a cost-effective option for European-based clients to send funds to the specified countries. Additionally, migrants from these countries can send money to their family and friends back home, instantly by transferring it to their bank account.

“We view this partnership as essential to our company’s continued growth, and look forward to working together with TerraPay,” said Avi Starodubsky, Head of Business Development for MoneyNetint. “With this expanded service area, MoneyNetint can continue to provide competitively priced, cost-effective payment services to our clients.”

“TerraPay is excited about working together with MoneyNetint,” said Ambar Sur, CEO at TerraPay. “We fully expect this partnership to allow more people from around the world to transfer money quickly, safely, and affordably.

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